Monday, January 23, 2012

It is what it is...

"You can't move forward without being pushed back and you can't reach the stars without falling a couple of times."

I'm still on the hunt for my Revlon lip butters. My current obsessions right now is my BB cream, and my masks from TheFaceShop. With baseball season here I need to get back in the habit of wearing sunscreen again. I know I should be wearing it everyday no matter what.

So i've been in total fatty status mode lately. Love to eat and eat. :) Shige's saimin and yummy!

I finally found my Hello Kitty glasses and I absolutely love them. I bought two different styles. The hottest trend in Asia is the frames with no lenses. Strange but so cute.

I went to watch the mini Mililani 49ers play their final game at St.Louis on the turf field. The one and only game I go to they win 8-6. Yay! Love those boys and their little sisters. Never a dull moment. Baseball season is right around the corner...looks like i'll be turning into a park rat again. ;)

CONGRATULATIONS to Jenna and Lisa! We had a baby shower for my BFF from high school Jenna. She's home for a conference in Kona but came home early to spend a day on Oahu. I'm going to have a niece in May. So excited! And Lisa got engaged on Christmas day! So much going on lately.

I miss my BFF Jenna so much!!! So happy I got to see her and I get to spend more time with her at the end of the week. So happy and excited for her and Noah. :)

That's it for now. Going to have a nephew and niece pretty soon. Going to be a busy aunty. :)

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