Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Phobia of Limited Edition items

Omg!!! So i'm totally running out of Prep & Prime Refined Zone treatment. I have a phobia of running out of products. i can't find this item anywhere. I think i'm going to have a breakdown or something when I totally run out. I honestly had no idea that it wass limited edition. i would've bought at least 3 if i had known it was limited. maybe even 5. i love that stuff but oh well...too late.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

MAC Graphic Garden Items

I just got my MAC Nordstrom Anniversary Graphic Garden items.
The "Shape & Perfect" set which includes 168SE, 187SE, 194SE, 212SE and the 275SE. I love the makeup bag/case that it came with.
I also got the eye shadow set that includes Climber, Straight Hedge, Linear Lilac, Botanical Blue, Graphic Garden and Wild Wisteria. The hologram cover is awesome.
I'm so excited to play with everything. Aaahhh!!!
Perfect way to start my Sunday.
Thanks're the bestest!!!
Now i'm thinking about getting the lip set and maybe the look in a box.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MAC (Sumo sale) & NYX Haul

So my MAC order from the SUMO sale arrived on Thursday. So here is a picture of what I got from the SUMO sale, my last MAC Store visit and a last minute splurge at Macy's.

MSF Natural in Medium Plus, Style Warriors Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche, Hello Kitty Beauty Powder in Tahitian Sand, Style Warriors Beauty Powder Blush in On a Mission
Style Warriors Soft Force e/s and Nake Honey Buckwheat e/s

And on Friday my NYX order came in. I was so not expecting this order to arrive for another week or so.10 shadow palette in Smokey Eyes, 10 shadow palette in For Eye Color Brown
Jumbo Pencil in Milk

10 shadow palette in Jazz Night, 10 shadow palette in Champagne & Caviar,
10 shadow palette in Romance

I'm so excited! Lots of new eye shadows to play with. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Already falling behind

I've had this blogspot up for about 3 days and i'm already falling behind on keeping it updated. I will try a little harder.
It should be a lot easier now since my boyfriend just bought a new computer and I finished hooking up the printer and setting it all up. It's an iMac with a nice big screen. So hopefully soon I will be able to post pictures in my blogs.
I received an e-mail MAC order shipped on the 16th and I should be receiving it tomorrow. I'm super excited. I love MAC online their shipping is so speedy, even their free shipping is awesome.
I ordered another product from MAC today. Well actually Jme decided she wanted to order some things during the MAC SUMO sale. She really wants to try the MSF Natural so she decided to order that and then she wanted to try the Prep + Prime Skin with SPF as a primer. We both use the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer but we go through it so fast. We're looking for something a little cheaper since it's $36. So we both decided to try the Prep + Prime Skin with SPF as our next primer, so I had her order me one too.
If anyone has any suggestions for a good primer that's not to expensive please let me know. I'm looking for something for combo skin. I am also currently using the Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment on my T-Zone and I absolutely love it. (I think Jme may have ordered this too since I told her that this was one of the best products ever).
Well anyways...this is enough blabbing for tonight. Maybe I will post some pictures of my MAC order when it arrives tomorrow. Buh-bye.

P.S. - Hollyannaeree-I think i'm about to go on eBay and search for some of those eyelashes that you get from Korea. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brand New to the Blogging World

So today in between lunch and priming the extension (tomorrow we finally get to paint, which means 1 step closer to being done), I was checking my daily fixes and suddenly decided to create my own blogspot. I know totally random...but that's me. Spur of the moment. Plus my best friend Jme (who is the cause of this addiction) and I keep saying we should make videos of our shopping trips and all our makeup buys, but i'm not ready to go in front of a camera so we'll see how this blog stuff goes first. You'll see me talk a lot about Jme. Her addiction to makeup, YouTube videos and blogs is probably a little worse than mine. I am totally new to we'll see how often I end up updating this. I am not that computer literate.

A little intro on my makeup addiction...
After checking Pursebuzz last night while enjoying my bottle of wine and seeing the NYX eyeshadow palette sale, I jumped on the NYX website at about 1145pm and ordered 7 of the 10-shadow palettes and 2 Milk jumbo pencils (1 for me and 1 for Jme). For some reason we can't find the NYX milk pencils anywhere on this island. And trust me we have checked everywhere possible and even have put our names down for stores to call us when they get some in stock. And it's been like 3 months. There are so many makeup tutorials out there that use Milk we were going crazy trying to find it. We tried to order when Cherry Culture was having the NYX 50% off sale but of course they were sold out. One thing about living on this island we have to look for online sites that offer the best shipping prices...shipping can end up costing us a fortune. So finally we will own the golden Milk NYX jumbo pencil. :)

And of course after finding out that the SUMO code worked today I bought a few stuff from MAC. Didn't buy much since I don't really really really need anything right now. I want a lot but don't really need so we had to control ourselves. I ordered mainly stuff from the Style Warrior collection since I didn't get anything when it came out and now most of the stuff is sold out here. I figured if it was still around during the SUMO sale then i was destined to get it. :) I ordered soft force e/s, 2 on a mission blushes (1 for me, 1 for jme), 2 solar riche bronzing powders (1 for me, 1 for jme) and the Tahitian Sand HK beauty powder since Jme mysteriously destroyed her compact and sold her back up.

Wow....this is a really long first post, I hope I'm not scaring people away already. But that's all for now...buh-bye.